Motivation for a Writer-Publisher-Curator Business:

one’ve been in rigorous financial spots before. one’a M in one now. How do one ascent at least ten grand in the next 7 weeks to cover song some obligations one own to my daughter and her higher teaching? All of this is from a nearly standing beginning. one’ll explicate later, but 1st one need to direct how one deficiency to ascent this money online without a production line and without killing myself.

For as long as one can remember, one own wanted to be a writer. The gruelling partially is one’a M not much of a storyteller. one own no inconvenience oneself with research, legal writing, technical manuals, whiten papers, or any type of writing that involves “Joe Friday” virtuous the facts, ma’am, bodily structure. one can habitus websites, gear improving blogs, produce videos, habitus lists, and work SEO like a borrowed mule.

So why haven’t one?

All it takes to be a writer is to write. Being a writer is butt horrifying well fixed. Getting paid to write is another outlet all together.

one own made money online from affiliate programs off and on for over a dozen age. one own made authority sites, reexamine articles, and conduit pages to go populate from my blogs to an affiliate vendor’s sales page. Pre-selling is harder than ever with millions of out of work individuals looking for for any way to stay afloat. Now that populate are buying less, more populate are selling to them.

But competition is not main outlet for independent writing seeking to make a real, full-time income using the Net. Three issues stand out:

one. dread

deuce. focus

3. boredom (writer’s ADD, not interference)

dread rears its horrifying face in different forms for different individuals. Is my writing virtuous enough to habitus a groundwork of loyal readers? Can one monetize my blog posts without a bunch of cheap banners and affiliate links? Can one earn money quick enough to celebrate creditors at bay? What if one invest hundreds of hours into making posts, articles, ebooks, podcasts, and videos and own small or nothing to show for it monetarily at the death of the sidereal day?

dread is paralyzing. dread is evil. And dread is all too common.

Once you conquer dread, or at least ignore it for a sidereal day or deuce, you own to deal with boredom and focus. The Net is the greatest time saver and time waster ever invented. If you are not centered on writing and/or promoting your content, you can watch a hundred ways to divert your attention online. instantaneously.

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News. YouTube. ESPN. Pinterest. email. even gambling and geological dating sites.

Focus demands you follow money making activities – making content and driving traffic to that content.

Boredom is a bit different eventually kindred. Nothing is worse than trying to make money online by selling or pre-selling an affiliate product. as a writer, one deficiency to habitus an authority blog or website that one command completely. My articles will appear in original form exclusively on this site. If my recess is a profitable one, one can sell out to a major corporation in a year or deuce (or four or five) for six or heptad figures.

Fortunately, over the past couple of months, a number of plugins own made a way for writers, publishers, and curators to produce a ego-hosted WordPress authority blog in their chosen recess and monetize it using affiliate marketing without ever making a visible affiliate yoke (which Google despises).

recess Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3 (Photo credit: rogercarr)

This system combines a number of free and agio resources but is designed for an unity(a) to accomplish alone and then outsource as needful. One needs to take action as presently as possible on these thoughts and tools. You always deficiency to pay back in early and make your money before a Google algorithm change destroys the opportunity.

Continued…Fortune Stikes

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