Observations About Unique Article Wizard

Observations About Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard has been around for a few years. But what I see today is not what UAW has been in the past. Few programs have grown and evolved as well to take advantage of changes to Google’s algorithm.

Submit your article to hundreds of sitesIncreasing organic site rankings and driving relevant traffic to your website or blog may seem an almost impossible goal in the wake of critters like Pandas and Penguins. Google has a way of going after sites that beat their algorithm.

Backlinks had been king. Overnight, sites tanked deep inside Google even though these sites had been posting and publishing unique content and getting tons of one-way backlinks. Major players disappeared from the SERPs.

Google is shifting from backlinks as a way to judge the value of content on a site to evaluating social media likes, faves, and shares. Signals like ReTweets, Likes, and Shares are all beginning to have a positive effect on ranking. Search engines are now able to collect enough social data and profiles in conjunction with unique content to rank sites as a whole instead of individual pages.

On page SEO which is manipulated by the writer or publisher has been downgraded. You can still include your metatags, but it’s not enough to rank.

What Google is doing is clear. It’s setting out to rank only the best content on its first page. In the process, the number of articles for some keywords are going down, and YouTube videos are getting more play than they deserve.

What is the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest way to get traffic to your website? Nothing is more difficult for the average Internet marketer.

Getting high quality traffic is probably the biggest question asked by both new and established online businesses. After all, it makes no difference if you are selling a product, promoting affiliate links, or displaying adsense – you need traffic.

So how do you do it?

You could buy advertising. Expensive. Unreliable. Of course, Google does not mind how much you spend on Adwords.

You could buy backlinks. Also expensive – and rapidly losing effectiveness in the search engines. Just 100 links can set you back upwards of $2,000.

You could try the “Latest and Greatest” black-hat technique – whether that be “blog and ping”, “tag and ping”, log-file spamming, blog-comment spamming, or whatever else some clever whiz-kid has come up with. The problem is, by the time the whiz-kid releases it to you, it is already past its sell-by date. And maybe you got your site banned too.

All kinds of new metrics are in place – in addition to unique, relevant content.

Engagement matters. How long a user stays on your site, how fresh your content is, what social reach you have, how many fans your page has, and what links are being retweeted all matter more than ever before.

Backlinks still matter. But they are no longer enough by themselves.

Gaining organic traffic requires more skills than ever, including:

1. Generating Unique Content

2. Establishing Yourself as an Expert in your Niche

3. Establishing Expertise and Influence through Social Media

4. Building Author Authority

5. Building Relevant Relationships

6. Targeting Multiple Traffic Channels (not just Google)


Please be clear. This is not the “latest and greatest” fad. It will not be “worn out” in the next month or two. This is an already well-established method that is being quietly used by all the smartest marketers – but that has now been brought to a whole new level of simplicity and power.

UAW can take the burden off your shoulders and:

1. Establish you as an expert in your niche.

2. Push your social media profiles and content all over the web.

3. Create thousands of targeted links on themed content pages which shows the search engines that your site is THE authority in this particular niche.

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sitesCaveats:

Nothing is perfect. But I do believe that after Penguin that UAW has not only survived but thrived.

Like anything, though, track your rankings. You never want to get caught short.

For WPCs (Writer-Publisher-Curator) who want to spend their time creating content, Unique Article Wizard is your solution of choice for tons of free, targeted, organic traffic from the search engines.


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