Observations About Social Media is Bullshit

Observations About Social Media is Bullshit:



A provocative look at social media that dispels the hype and tells you all you need to know about using the Web to expand your business 

Ran into a new book that explains a lot. Traditional media is not as dead as the gurus and SEO wonks would have us believe. They are just taking over any social media that sprouts up and looks promising.

1. all marketing is bullshit

2. you want to create a product that is:

  • easy to open
  • easy to understand
  • easy to use
  • easy to share
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3. must get people behind your product using traditional media like tv and radio

4. make adjustments to your product based on customer feedback

5. you use traditional and social media to set yourself up as an expert which brings you corporate gigs and speaking fees

HubSpot Leads Automatically Get Social Media I...

HubSpot Leads Automatically Get Social Media Info and Photo Added to Them (Photo credit: HubSpot)

6. big media is busy buying up innovative social media that might be a threat

7. if you are using social media, you are lining the pockets of the fat cats

8. talent alone can’t get you to the majors

9. Godin: all marketers are liars

10. cost of producing content is approaching zero

11. many more content creators than editors

12. your content goal should be a real book and the NYT bestseller list

13. no such thing as an influencer

14. establish yourself as an expert to allow the lie to grow

15. become an advocate, not an expert

16. if people don’t want what you create, you’re screwed

17. for individual marketers, the only metric that matters is sales

18. always be tweaking your product

19. social media is social, not business media

English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey th...

English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey that lists Social Media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

20. all the Facebook friends and Twitter followers in the world mean nothing to your business without real-world connections

21. learn how to best harness the potential of the Internet—without spending a fortune in the process.

22. learn what tools you really need to connect with customers and grow your brand

23. packaging and selling of bullshit is currently building an economic bubble

24. artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners when the bubble pops

25. the problem with so-called gurus is the packaging and selling harmful information to further their interests at your expense

26. networks like Twitter and Facebook are useless for jacking up the profiles of aspiring artists

There’s more to this than I thought at first. All the stuff the gurus teach to create niche blogs, unique content, monetize with adsense or affiliate programs, create a list, and build traffic are only marginally effective now.

Before I read the book, I had purchased a low-cost WSO from Charles Kirkland which shows how the big affiliate marketers make insane money.

  1. find evergreen CPA offers that pay well
  2. create or have created pre-sell or squeeze pages
  3. run sponsored ads on major media sites like CNN or USA Today
  4. test like hell – every fraction of a point in conversion counts
  5. dump the losers as quickly as possible
  6. work the winners like borrowed mules
  7. rinse and repeat

What’s the downside? Money. You need a decent grubstake to be able to run these campaigns. If they don’t convert, and you don’t stop them quickly, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars a day.

The upside? By testing and tweaking, you can make five or six figures a day without a website, SEO, writing articles, making videos, bookmarking, or social networking.

From B.J. Mendelson:

3. What is “The Asshole Based Economy”?

“The Asshole Based Economy” describes the process of an asshole (marketers, analysts, Cyber Hipsters, the companies who own these tools, and other assorted bad actors) repackaging old stuff in a new way in order to further their own financial interests.

What we really have to work with when people say “social media” are tools. Mostly the same old tools that we’ve had in various forms since the early ’90s.

These tools may or may not be good for you to use. There are no “good” or “bad” tools, it all depends on how you use them, whether or not you want to use them in the first place (you really don’t have to), and whether your audience is using them.

As a WPC trying to make a living on your own, it’s easy to get distracted by the hype. and lose sight of what matters. For this reason, we are creating a WPC Guild for independent writers to help each other by working social media.





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